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Adduce is a company based on experience, professionalism, skill sets and standards. We offer training courses in addition to carrying out Covert Surveillance and private investigatory tasks operationally, in essence, we practice what we preach. Covert Surveillance and Private Investigations work in conjunction with each other, therefore our surveillance courses combine the two skill sets.

As previously mentioned these can be tailor made to each organisation or team. Unlike other companies the students use their own vehicles, this is for several reasons. Firstly we consider driving an unfamiliar vehicle a disadvantage. Using your own vehicle, not only are you fluent in the controls of the vehicle, we are also able to advise in the set up and adaptation of covert equipment in operational use.


Basic: In essence this is for candidates that have no previous Surveillance experience.

Intermediate: This is designed around individuals or teams who have a fundamental knowledge of surveillance and private investigations that wish to enhance their skills. By successfully passing this course we are recommending that you are of a standard to implement operational surveillance in a safe and competent manner.

Advanced: This course is directed at the more experienced operators and teams that wish to progress and includes and covers public transport, urban and rural areas, operational planning (both briefing, de-briefing, logging, collating intelligence and report writing). Train the trainer - This is aimed at experienced surveillance operators that wish to instruct or pass their knowledge onto others and is based around teaching techniques and effective team contribution.


All students must have a very good level of both oral and written English language which is necessary for the use of communications and written assessments. Students must also prior to the commencement of the course provide details of their own insurance and MOT for their vehicles which of course must be roadworthy throughout the duration of the courses together with forms of photographic identification. Prior to any courses booked all candidates are presented with a full kit list. Equipment will be supplied by Adduce.

BASIC - Course Details

Duration: 5 days

Cost: TBC

Content: On this course you will be taught and assessed/practiced in the following skills:

  • The principles and meaning of Covert Surveillance
  • Voice Procedure
  • Dress and Personal Awareness
  • Team Concepts/Formation
  • Tactics of both Foot and Mobile Surveillance for individuals and Teams
  • Briefing and De-briefing
  • Report writing and intelligence collation

INTERMEDIATE - Course Details

Duration: 10 days

Cost: TBC

Content: As per our Basic Course but with the addition of :

  • MFM (Mobile Foot Mobile) Surveillance in Urban and Rural areas.
  • Use of both video and stills photography.
  • Night surveillance
  • Anti and Counter Surveillance
  • Planning
  • Briefing and de-briefing
  • Logging and Report Writing
  • OPs (Observation Posts/Positions
  • Other surveillance platforms
  • Law and legalities (RIPA 2000 etc)
  • Scenario exercises
  • Vehicle adaptations
  • Public Transport
  • Multi Complexes (Malls, Multi egresses/exits)
  • Vehicle tracking

ADVANCED - Course Details

Duration: 11 days

Cost: TBC

Content: As per the intermediate with the addition of :

  • Advanced Procedures
  • Evidence Gathering & Law
  • Advanced Foot & Mobile Surveillance
  • Legal Issues & the Continuity of Evidence
  • Risk Assessments & Health and Safety
  • The Surveillance Codes of Practice & RIPA 2000

To discuss your requirements please telephone 01883 716273 or contact us through the website