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At Adduce all covert surveillance tasks are carried out by professional and experienced surveillance operators and investigators both male and female. Prior to commencing any client task the operation is thoroughly assessed and planned, thus enabling us to complete the task in the most cost effective way possible for the client.

We appreciate the sensitivity of each client’s enquiry and needs and all information obtained is treated with the upmost confidentiality in accordance with the Independent Commissioners Office guidelines with whom we are registered. We also work within the legal remits of all pertaining Acts and Regulations.

All Covert Surveillance enquiries are welcome, both short and long term. Typical enquiries can include the following;

  • Insurance tasks including fraudulent claims and personal injury
  • Proving or disproving allegations or claims both privately and corporately
  • Fraud and theft investigations
  • Building patterns of life/personal activity
  • Matrimonial disputes and allegations
  • Anti and Counter-Surveillance measures
  • Witness Protection (including the use of our protection canines)
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Video Soaks / Observation Platforms
  • Technical Surveillance

All Surveillance tasks are fully logged and reported daily to the clients, including the use of video and stills photography if required. At all stages of the Surveillance the clients is kept fully updated as to how the task / investigation is progressing.

To discuss your requirements please telephone 01883 716273 or contact us through the website